JEE MAIN Architecture
JEE 2nd Paper

This is a exam which takes into consideration Maths,Drawing,Aptitude and General Knowledge skills and the results are accepted by one of the most prominent colleges of india.
Like :

School of Planning and Architecture (Delhi , Bhopal , Vijaywada),
CCA chandigarh college of architecture,
All Nits which have archi seats,
Shri mata vaishno devi (Jammu),
Birla institute of technology

Importance :

Very important exam as the best colleges of India considers this results and the procedure for applying and taking admissions are the simplest in comparison of all other Architecture exams.
But seats are quiet less.

Eligibility and Procedure :
Please refer the Official Website
Information brochure of aieee :
Information brochure 2013

Since from past few years AIEEE BARCH question Patterns have not change and the syllabus have also not changed this year we may consider it to remain similar so study the previous years Question Papers

Study Method :

2010 AIEEE BARCH question papers show that maths is tough and aptitude is mostly easy and basic general knowledge is required.
the paper is of 414 marks but it keeps on changing.
out of which 30 questions are from maths 24 of 4 marks and 6 of 8 marks
35 questions of aptitude 4 marks each 
15 questions General knowledge 4 marks each
70 marks drawing 2 questions of equal marks

Students need to concentrate on maths and a little bit of drawing.Aptitude is based on perception of 2d and 3d drawings.  

Previous years question papers :

2005 - Download
2006-2007 - Download
2008 - Download
2009 - Download
2010 - Download

Updates : A article on Drawing concepts and questions of Nata and Aieee B.arch. Links:- click here

Updates : Know the best architecture colleges of india
Link: click here

Updates : See Drawings uploaded by others and upload your own drawings for Aieee B.arch and Nata Drawings.
Link: click here

Comments :
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2011:06:13 02:15:25
@sagar- for sirjj, u need to b from maharashtra, and u neeed to write mahar-cet
for chandigarh, if you are from chandigarh,then definitely, otherwise non, check prev years closing rank on ,
and spa delhi forget off, maybe planning u wil get.

Sorry, u jst missed it!
2011:06:13 08:53:46
Hey Kartik, I want to ask you one thing regarding aieee b.arch exam...the questions that come in the this time there were questions related to Horizontal sun shades are required to protect windows on which facade of a building? like this one...n not only this questions related to solar energy sytem,heat insulation,directions of house...and can you please tell me what exactly to do so to work upon thes type of questions...or any ...plz reply!
2011:06:13 11:52:23
not really, lol, i was able to answer most of them cuz i used to watch this show called numb3rs, which had a lot to do wth science.

So, i\'d suggest people watch that show.

Other than that, it focuses on 9th and 10th class physics, so take a look at that.
These questions repeat, so if not anything,jst make sure that u\'ve gone thru all prev years aptitude questions , beacause they reapeat,or similar concept questions are asked.
2011:06:13 14:32:06
Thanks Kartik for the suggestions!
Surely work upon these...and wht abt Maths? first to retain 11th syllabus or go on with 12th syllabus? how much time should be given to maths...though its important but still tell me...n which book should be preferred for good preparation?
2011:06:14 08:38:14
You just went to 12th?
Well i concentrated more on math from November.
Till then do both, after that focus ony on math, and apply for iit, i went to iit attempted ony math jst 2c hw gu i was, so dat helped. After that i strted drawing again.
Use arihanth ai3e math. Quesitons are good. And also solve all prev years papers!
They ones on this site are not clear, i cn mail u a few if u want .

I also downloaded other peoples drawings from dis site called DQ-Labs, and went thru them for ideas .
2011:06:14 16:40:25
Yes you guessed it right kartik! iam iimg alt=/tdn 12th...yaa sure you can is my you can also tell me your email id...then it will be easy for me ...if i have any problems or any or thing i can mail you...n what is dq -labs?
2011:06:14 19:01:13
@kartik : bit mesra is best architecture collage or not. What about the placement of bit.

About NIT trichy i see the placement record of it and it was 100% last year . See website of it. Ok. Please clear it .
2011:06:15 03:16:51
@ahwani...:NIt trichy is bad nw a days...the placment in our website r fake...dey r just to attract the students....i don t prefer any guys to join NITT....i am a3 rd yr student in NITT
2011:06:15 06:31:01
Yeah, NITs are not good for architecture

BITS mesra is some random coll, its not good, should be your last preference. Whats ur rank ?
2011:06:16 19:17:02
@ kartik, i got a air of 2663

ajay sir is telling that nit trichy is fake how i belive it and u r telling nits r good
2011:06:16 23:46:49
thats good, check last year\'s opening and closing rankings, u wil get an idea.
I you should fill your choices and lock them before 21st, so decide fast.

With your rank, you might get an NTI ony, they r okok , ul have to work hard.
2011:06:17 09:51:36
@ashwani:i am a student of nit trichy....den y can t u belive me...if u want enquirw any of my colg mets....don t prefer nit trichy....its not good....try some other nit...
2011:06:24 12:52:18
sir i have scored 98 marks in nata n i hav scored 75% in 12th.......n in aieee i got 147 marks...sir wht r my chances...?? plz email me...plz
2011:06:24 14:17:51
sir i have scored 98 marks in nata n 75%(overall) and 81%(in best four) in 12th.......n in aieee i got 147 marks,my AIR rank is 24027 n air cateogry rank is 5682(OBC)...sir which colleges can i get...?? plz ..plz rply .....
2011:06:26 12:14:20
fraud karthik....u cheet...u r AIR is fake...
2011:06:27 03:38:26
hun? i got thru also, spa delhi .
Go check the list 146th rank made it, wut fraud?
2011:06:27 06:08:51
dat rank is from andhra pradesh man...u go n check..
2011:06:27 10:29:08
Fool, i already told everyone dat im from ap, and people who\'ve been following this site from de beginning know that. I even told everyone that Kartik is not my real name . Fool
2011:07:01 06:31:02
Fuck u all worth discussing here!
2011:07:04 11:21:10
is bit mesra that bad??
2011:07:05 09:08:43
I took my nata and I got 92 marks..Iam from A.P...Is Andhra university good for architecture..? Please reply..
2011:09:03 09:45:26
hi will dere be any pattern change dis year
Prakash Patmase
2011:09:07 08:23:00
B.ARCH. FOR Distant Education
2011:09:26 09:24:34
want the solutions of previous years aieee b.arch question papers
kumar siddharth
2011:11:02 01:52:19
i love maths
kumar siddharth
2011:11:02 01:52:21
i love maths
kumar siddharth
2011:11:02 01:52:21
i love maths
2011:12:20 06:34:20
sir, how much one should score around to get admission in s.p.a. or any such reputed institue ?
2011:12:28 08:59:17
what about the answers of the question papers you have provided?
I would be obliged if anyone could help me with the answers :)
2012:01:12 08:29:41
@sam getting into spa doesnt require marks but good rank.
from last years result anything close to 300 should be good enough
marks required to get good ranks increase every year.
2012:01:18 10:51:35
Sir! can you please tell...i have heard abt new spa delhi it true??? y they have done increase the no.of seats..or for other activities?
2012:01:19 12:28:00
i am aspiring to pursue b.arch in SPA Delhi.what should my score be?
2012:02:15 04:23:31
SPA is now under nata not aieee
2012:02:15 04:32:06
no...may be from next year
2012:03:21 09:07:55
Sir IS it impotent to sit for Aieee or we only give the b.arch exam directly
2012:03:30 05:35:15
can you send a question paper of b.arch. on my email id please
2012:03:30 08:30:13
@akshat No it is not compulsory to sit for aieee engg you can directly sit for b.Arch only
2012:03:30 13:57:59
sir i m expecting around 200-210 marks in barch 2012 would i be able to take addmission in spa delhi and i am obc category plz sir
2012:04:07 02:37:09
@imroz no for spa delhi you need more than 250.
2012:04:09 04:16:22
this site is very useful...i loved it...
but cud u pls provide me wid some more examples...pls....i request u to rply me soon...
silky jain
2012:04:09 06:36:39
on 29th april i m going to give aieee b.arch. so plz tel me best books foe it
2012:04:10 01:51:26
@ankita some more examples of what???????
2012:04:10 08:14:32
I have still not received hall ticket for aieee barch
2012:04:10 08:18:49
i have already seen my confirmation page with photograph
2012:04:10 13:18:23
sir i m expecting around 200-210 marks in barch 2012 would i be able to take addmission in any nit,s
and i am obc category plz sir
2012:04:11 03:24:10
some more examples of drawing questions ......plss
2012:04:11 09:23:19
hey buddy...these marks r not enough to get in to top nit\'s...but still u can choose NIT Nagpur as a better option.
2012:04:12 07:57:29
hey guys... what score can get me in spa delhi??!?!
Dhiraj Kumbhare
2012:04:17 08:23:31
It\'s very helpful to me. Thank\'s for free download.
2012:04:18 15:52:54
some answer R GIVEN WRONG IN YOUR PREVIOUS solved quetion in Q.NO 90, OF 2007 YEAR. THE quest. WAS HOW MANY squares r their in fig. u answed 14 but correct option is 16 calculate it...
2012:04:19 04:32:03
i juz solved the 2005 paper..but where can i find the solutions?

and wat kind of questions are usually asked for drawing aptitude? i did one point n two point memory figures..butno object drawing..shud we learn shading techniques also? and is there symmetrical drawing?
2012:04:19 10:46:56
sir ,
i need aieee drawing part instructions can you please mail me
2012:04:20 05:53:37
sir ,
i need aieee drawing part instructions can you please mail me
2012:04:21 04:54:24
sir ,
i need aieee drawing part instructions can you please mail me
2012:04:21 10:45:34
any1 can help me in a drawing section...i don\'t know what they asked..??i have no idea about it so, plz help me??
2012:04:22 04:59:18
sir,can you plz help me ....plz tell me the best book available in any stationary for aieee b.arch.
2012:04:22 07:38:47
ARIHANT b.arch :)
Archiz@ BIT Msr
2012:04:22 08:08:03
@sumeet , nikheeta : for drawing aptitude in AIAEE (u know its All India Architecture Entrance Exam to be precise) :) ...anyways..for that u needn\'t know any techinical drawings...u shud have good free hand sketching of general objects of day to day life as u might hav done in school, some design abilities, aesthetic ones general like rangoli etc, logos, n try to grasp the question correctly,,n don go too far in judging the question they are jus simple.. n test ur general drawing hand line making, curve making may prove useful...its simple dude!!! nothing to worry..n concentrate more on aptitude n maths, attempt drawing at last..coz making fabulous drawings WON\'T fetch u great marks but aptitude n maths can shoot ur rank greatly!! GOOD LUCK!! :)
2012:04:23 03:19:30
Sir , the links that you have given for previous years paper or that to download any study material has virus\'s in them . How can i download that :/
pragya bajaj
2012:04:23 08:27:23
i want to know what is minimum mark required in aieeeb.arch for getting nit raipur or nit nagpur
2012:04:23 08:29:14
plz... reply
2012:04:24 01:42:18
if it is asked to draw city scene or any other scene in b.arch question paper than what is better to do coloring or pencil shading?
2012:04:24 03:02:32
wat if i score bad in and a gd rank in b.arch?will it value individually?
2012:04:24 15:39:16
please anyone would will help me out in counting the number of face...
eg-qs no.-52(aieee b.arch 2007)
2012:04:24 15:41:10
please anyone would will help me out in counting the number of face...
eg-qs no.-52(aieee b.arch 2007)
2012:04:24 15:43:17
should i count the whole surface as one or keep in mind the division..
2012:04:25 13:14:19
hello, i am in general category and frm orissa. can u please tell me how much marks/rank should i score to get into SPA delhi
asmita khan
2012:04:26 08:02:17
sir, i will be giving aieee arch. this year. i m from tripura. the nit there has no b. arch. what is the min marks requirement for gettng in any gud college either nits or others?
2012:04:27 16:14:41
some drawing questions please........
2012:04:27 16:15:53
xpectng 240 will i make it to spa.......
2012:04:29 09:16:52
expecting 230 marks general category in b.arch aieee..will i make it to spa delhi,vijyawada,bhopal?
2012:04:29 22:35:02
where can i get the key for this year\'s exam?pls help...........
2012:04:30 00:25:00
plz give me answer key for 2012
2012:04:30 03:00:59
ans key for 2012 plssss!!!
Raj Sulav Talukdar
2012:04:30 04:13:48
Pls tell me where can i find answer Key for aieee B.Arch exam 2012 ??
neela reddy
2012:04:30 07:38:37
Sir, I am expecting 350 marks in AIEEE 2012. Will I make it to NIT Trichi? and what rank I may get?
2012:04:30 22:58:41
neela reddy where r u from ??
if u scored nearly 350 marks surely u got admission in all nits
2012:04:30 23:10:02
is computer sci.,mechanical,ece from nsit,or dtu) or architect which one is best..??
2012:04:30 23:12:07
sir could u tell me plz..i got 210 marks in b.arch exam can i get spa delhi and i m from st category..
2012:04:30 23:15:04
i m scoring 44 in maths and in apitude 184 marks while in drawing expecting 30 marks but have done 3 questions wrong so how many marks will deduct n wishing to get spa delhi?
2012:05:01 02:28:14
how much marks should we expect in drwaing part?
2012:05:01 02:29:00
please reply
2012:05:01 06:28:30
Sir,i want to check my answer ,so from where i can check my answer plz rply
2012:05:01 06:30:45
Pls koi mujhe answer key ka link batayega plz
2012:05:01 12:53:18
In 2012,I will get 230 marks in AIEEE B.Arch Examination !!! Will i get an admission in School of Planning and Architecture, Vijaywada,Hyderabad
2012:05:01 12:55:44
In 2012,I will get 230 marks in AIEEE B.Arch Examination !!! Will i get an admission in School of Planning and Architecture, Vijaywada,Hyderabad ! Plz reply me !
2012:05:01 13:03:15
what the hell no body replies huh
gaurav gupta
2012:05:01 22:02:19
kartik sir can u please mail me your contact no.,have to talk sumthing really important.need to know something that i can\'t on net
mr. bolgger
2012:05:03 12:08:50
what the F !!!!!!!!!!! no questions are answered in this site! please someone could tell me a site where the questions are answered..
mr. bolgger
2012:05:03 12:11:39
nice song........ :P
2012:05:03 12:16:14
I am a st student is 200. enough for me to get me into any SPA???????????? some one please reply cuz i have burnt a hole into my paper and b.arch is my only hope!!!!!!!!!
2012:05:03 14:03:08
hey guys…whats d right ans to the Q:-which one of the following cladding material, is best suited for sound insulation inside an auditorium??
swati dagar
2012:05:04 11:31:48
i m in gen category frm tamilnadu state how much score is required in b.arch to get in nit trichy or spa delhi.
kavya reddy
2012:05:05 04:59:28
sir iam expecting 220-230 marks in aieee barch 2012.wat will be my rank? plz.. suggest me top colleges which i can get into with these marks...
kavya reddy
2012:05:05 05:03:33
i have my aieee barch and eamcet exam on same day, same time... plz suggest me wat to write? sir, if one wants to do architercture through barch is necessary to even write aieee paper 1. please provide correct information
kavya reddy
2012:05:05 05:11:09
why is no one any one there.....
kavya reddy
2012:05:05 05:11:11
why is no one any one there.....
2012:05:06 01:26:05
somebody plz tell me the marks required for sushant school of architecture and planning and dehradun institute of technology
2012:05:06 07:25:07
AIEEE B.ARCH 2012 answer keys all codes(E,F,G,H)

This key is provided by NICS Institute of Architecture
click on this link to get answer keys for all codes
2012:05:06 07:25:10
AIEEE B.ARCH 2012 answer keys all codes(E,F,G,H)

This key is provided by NICS Institute of Architecture
click on this link to get answer keys for all codes
ankit malik
2012:05:06 09:06:37
nobody reply here... post your queries in disscussion section !!!!
prashant pandey
2012:05:07 08:04:46
heeeyyyy !! any chance to get nit on 210 marks???
2012:05:08 01:00:14
Please tell me that is it compulsory to clear aieee b-tech exam to get admission in b-arch n can I get admission in top b-arch college if I get about 200 marks in b-arch .
2012:05:10 01:57:50
hellooo guys !!! may be i ll be get 210 marks...:( so can i get any good government college .. m frm uttar pradesh .. and generl catgry
2012:05:11 02:08:49
sir i m expecting 230-240 marks in barch exam...what would be my expectd rank...plz reply
2012:05:15 22:55:10
will the results of aieee barch be published on the same date of aieee results?
2012:05:19 13:47:43
@chandan : no u don need to clear btech fr admn in barch..counselling is totally different...@prasant n nikita..with 210 marks u can only get colegges of architecture by state way through national quota in other see if there is any colg in ur stte n nikita ion think u hav any govt colg offering archi in UP...
@ shikar with that score you may get 1000-2000 rank but it depends each yr and can differ by a ide range see in counselling....@radhika : yeah both results are published on the same date almost
2012:05:20 22:02:08
2012 aieeebarch key
nikunj sharma
2012:05:21 06:33:46
i have gor 78% in my 12th board an 101 nata score can i get admisson in usap.......and is it right that usap is shifting to dwarka in 2012 ? :/
2012:05:22 20:43:16
Good chance
2012:05:23 01:23:02
@archi:: thank u very much...plz can u also tell me wat colleges i may get with dat rank????
2012:05:23 02:06:38
heyyyy i want to ask a question....can anybdy help me???? i am gettn app. 160-190 marks in b.arch aieee dis year....and i belong to sc category....which colleges i can get?????
nikunj sharma
2012:05:27 08:17:09
can any one plez tell me for b.arch ipu is better option or jamia?
2012:05:29 11:09:00
Hi.. Will i get admission in School of Planning and Architecture, Andra Pradesh wid more than 200 marks in AIEEE B.Arch Exam !!????? Plz reply
2012:05:30 00:05:44
i got 33 marks in maths but my aggregate in all subject is 60% and in b.arch i got 220 marks can i get admission..plz tell me..
2012:06:05 01:02:40
sir i m geting 266 numbrs in aieee barch what rank can i xpect ??
Pallavi Dhandhania
2012:06:06 09:21:58
sir i gave my aieee barch paper this year n expecting a score of arnd 210. please may i know the rank wch i can expect this year n r there any chances of selection in spa delhi or any of the spa.
2012:06:09 15:41:15
i got 195 marks in AIEEE B.Arch and my AIR is 4941. Can u please tell me for which colleges will i be eligible with these marks?
2012:06:09 23:08:16
I bagged 2107 rank AIR and 1648 rank in general category in aieee b.arch with a total of 215.
Would you please suggest me colleges where I should apply....
neha kharate
2012:06:10 01:16:31
sir, i got 100 marks in aieee b.arch.. my air is 47265 and 11501 in obc category... state rank is 4307 and 1069 in obc category.. will i get admission in vnit, nagpur? plz reply soon
2012:06:10 02:57:48
sir,i got 103 marks in aieee air is 45672 and 29321 in obc category...state rank is 8442 and 5061 in obc category...suggest me which colleges im eligible for??plz reply me soon......
2012:06:10 03:13:04
Sir, I got 140 marks in AIEEE B.ARCH so 26178 rank (general) will i get an admission in any of the AIEEE listed colleges ?
2012:06:10 05:38:58
hey everyone! i\'ve got 3375 air n category 2688, state rank 44 can plz anyone tell me if i can get into any of nits.. or which colleges should i aply..
Saptashwa Mandal
2012:06:10 08:37:49
sir i got 128 marks in aieee b arch exam. my all india rank is 32557 and sc category rank is 2366. which college is suitable sir? plz reply.
2012:06:10 09:20:50
sir i want to know about that my aiee b.arch. rank ,AI is 26961 and HS rank is state is rajasthan and i got 139 marks in b. arch. in GEN category ...please suggest me colleges in india ....please do reply
Ragavendra K
2012:06:11 00:42:07
I have got an AIR : 1363 (category - 1067) and state (Karnataka) rank : 28 (category - 24). Is it possible to get a good seat in SPA, Delhi? Please help ASAP.
2012:06:11 05:56:42
Spa d closed at 376 rank last year .
2012:06:11 15:11:00
i have air rank of 355 and gen category rank of 283 what are my chances of getting admn in spa delhi for architecture........
2012:06:12 22:18:09
sir i got 179 marks in aieee barch and got a rank of 9028 and state rank of about 6728 what are my chances of getting in good colleges im frm UP plz rply
2012:06:13 09:56:25
Sir i got 148 marks in aieee barch and got overall rank 22176 and obc rank 4969 and state rank overall 2116 n obc rank 466. plse tell me can i get vnit or any other nit?
2012:06:13 21:35:50
sir my all india rank is 1596 & i comes under obc quata, which wil be the best colleges that can get.. my home state is kerala..
2012:06:14 12:47:35
SPA Parents Association

SUNDAY, 24 JULY 2011

Future of your ward at SPA, New Delhi – The CoA Issue
Dear Parents,

You are receiving this mail, because your ward is an under-graduate student of B.Arch course at the School of Planning & Architecture (SPA) , New Delhi.
Please find attached a detailed report, on the CoA Issue, pertaining to your wards future. It is strongly urged, that you familiarize yourself with the contents of the report, as this shall form the basis of further action and discussion. Your comments and critical feedback are greatly desired.
Parents are also urged to consult legal and bureaucratic advisors accessible to them and discuss the issue.

Yours Sincerely,

The SPA Parents Association

The crux of the Issue- Simplified

The Council of Architecture has de-recognized* the B.Arch qualification awarded to all students of SPA, New Delhi who have been admitted after 1st September 2006. This basically constitutes of all the undergraduate students of the college from 1st yr to Vth yr in the Architecture Department.

This implies that a student who passes out from SPA will not have the license to practice independently, or take up jobs of the post of an “architect” in an architectural or construction related firm. Further firms which do recruit students against this directive are punishable by law ( under Architects Act, 1972 ).

There are also ramification for pursuing higher studies in disciplines of M.Arch, these need to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The B.Arch degree is the only means for a student to obtain a license to practice. There is no provision for license through completion of an M.Arch degree or a separate test administered by the CoA.

As is evident, this greatly undermines the future of students who pass-out from the college and is a matter of extreme urgency.

*1: De-recognition is pending  approval by MHRD, however the CoA has decided NOT to issue license to any SPA students admitted after the 1st September, 2006.
2012:06:15 00:03:17
MY b.arch AIR- 8733, cat (sc)- 377.
state rank- 43, state cat - 3.
any chance to get NIT college??
2012:06:15 00:13:13
hie!! MY b.arch AIR- 8733, cat (sc)- 377.
state rank- 43, state cat - 3.
any chance to get NIT college??
2012:06:15 00:14:19
hie!! MY b.arch AIR- 8733, cat (sc)- 377.
state rank- 43, state cat - 3.
any chance to get NIT college??
2012:06:16 07:51:50
Sir I got 189 marks in B.arch. Any chance NIT, SPA??plz.. rply

All India Rank
Overall 6233
Category 1224

State Rank
Overall 346
Category 157
2012:06:18 00:31:25
hey frnds........i m very confused abt how to prepare for nata and aieee exam architecture.....can anyone give me some suggesstion.......abt wat to do and
Vishesh Amarpuri
2012:06:18 14:36:55
I want to ask about the placements of nit hamirpur, spa bhopal, and smdvu.Please if anyone can help. Any help about placement in barch frm any other clg throurg aieee counselling also will be greatly appreciated.
Mayukh Goswami
2012:06:19 09:02:48
Sir, I got air 10896 in b.arch n 383 as state rank.... please give me the best possible options for architecture colleges in West Bengal and India...both...
Mayukh Goswami
2012:06:19 09:02:50
Sir, I got air 10896 in b.arch n 383 as state rank.... please give me the best possible options for architecture colleges in West Bengal and India...both...
2012:06:19 13:02:20
hey let me knw i m from haryana, my state rank is 1134 and air is 33800. where can i get admission in good college of b.arch.
Mohamed Fazil
2012:06:21 05:38:41
i,am from kerala
a got AIR 2012
All India
Overall 1598
Category 294

State Rank
Overall 63
Category 29
any chance to get NIT calicut?

Mohamed Fazil
2012:06:21 05:41:57
hey Fawas,
i\'am from kerala,malappuram
keralathil nee yevideyanu ?
2012:06:21 11:54:06
@Mohamed Fazil u hav good chances in getting in NIT,Calicut :) All the best
2012:06:26 15:09:59
MY b.arch AIR- 8733, cat (sc)- 377.
state rank- 43, state cat - 3.
any chance to get NIT college??
anjali kumari
2012:06:28 10:22:33
i have got 180 marks in b.arch aieee. in which round i get nit college. plz inform me.
anjali kumari
2012:06:28 10:29:04
i have got 8759 rank and i belong to obc category ,in which round i will get nit collage. plz reply me .
Sitesh kumar
2012:07:02 23:55:08
i have got 145 marks in aieee 2012 b.arch , my air is 23936 and 1800 state rank (u.p) ... can i get any b.arch college through aieee?????
2012:08:08 13:58:44

plz listen 2 m little request..

respected authority,

I m a student waiting for further action been taken regarding aieee councelling & request u 2 proceed spot round soon as possible !!

we student r not much left wid many options as becoz time is moving n so r our chances 2 seek admission through other sourse too..we r in losse this apporunty of spot round & join any othr instituet offered 2 us becoz that is d last option v r left wid..if v do reject it thn later on v ll b nt even eligible for it.

so keeping in mind n considering our weak & delicate position we r seeking in..plz do smthing our honorable authorities. our future is in ur hands. v do trust u..plz don let us down..
n later in life v wont let our country down by wrk..v ll make u proud..

2012:10:30 08:32:47
i am a student of state board and i found some of the math problems xtremely hard .wer do i seek help from ? can u suggest some buk tat will bridge the gap between state math and aieee math ? pls help !!!
2012:11:18 06:34:19
do u bloddy have a solution or all u know is useless jabberin..?
2012:12:25 02:16:23
sir i am a student from Gujarat and preparing for b.arch so can i get admission in sir jj collage (Mumbai)??
Nikhil Jawale
2013:01:28 08:27:37
Hello Sir !
Which is the best study material for studying NATA ?
shubham khanna
2013:03:02 03:04:47
Whether barch (jee main) 2013 syllabus have been changed or not.
2013:03:26 12:37:29
can u plz tell me what score is required in jee mains paper 2 to get into spa delhi?
also does spa consider nata scores?
and what exam has to be cleared to get into jj college? i am from punjab!
2013:03:30 10:11:08
what is the min score of jee main to get any nit?
2013:03:30 10:20:40
*for btech
2013:04:01 15:37:23
@SAHIBA Min score is around 200 if there is an nit in your state.
Further queries may be detailed to :
2013:04:08 08:30:08
my marks in jee mains paper 2 will be approx 215....plz tell me what rank can i get....for which colleges will i be elligible?
abdesh tiwari
2013:04:08 16:05:45
sir/medam, i have secured 65marks in jee main and 83.4% in board ... So you give me knowledge may i got admission in niit colleges or am i pass or not .... Please reply.....i am waited for your reply.......
2013:04:09 01:53:33
sir i'm expecting around 275 marks in aieee paper 2...cud u plz tell me wat all gud colleges i can get?? Plz reply soon...thanku
2013:04:09 02:13:18
*jee main paper 2
Also i gave an igd exam and scored an A in dat xam so wud i be given any credit 4 da sme in counselling (wich was additin f 15 percnt marks in drawing paper)?
Waiting 4 your rply thanku
2013:04:10 13:26:08
what the hell is this.obc criteria rank and all.its so unfair for general students with all these reservations prevailing.its disgusting to see all this happen
2013:04:12 06:23:55
sir i am expecting 200 marks in jee main barch exam and i am from sc category what chances am i having to secure a good college ..?
2013:04:13 08:39:01
what is the cut off marks for maths in jee's 2nd paper? or there is'nt any..??
2013:04:15 09:21:02
@shreyansh - do you even knw wat da hell i'm talking bout? N evn i am a general category student ... IGD stands 4 intermediate grade drawing ...... Held by the maharastra gov. Every year
y vishnuvardhan
2013:04:17 03:57:40
i have got 230 marks in b.arch and having 38.4% in intermediate there any possibility of getting seat in tiruchirappalli.if so please send cutoff marks for general
manoj pastam
2013:04:18 00:41:13
sir my caste is sc and i hav got 210 marks in paper 2 and hav 36 percent of marks i ipe ...could u please tel me wat rak ill b getting would i get in delhi category wise
2013:04:21 13:00:21
I m expecting 253 marks out of 320
and atleast 40 marks in drawing
could you tell me what rank i will get???
i belong to oc category
iam expecting 975 marks out of 1000
is their any possibility to get seat in any nit????
pastam manoj
2013:04:25 08:36:21
pllzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply sir for my above request
simran dhamija
2013:04:29 01:04:41
sir,how is negative marking done in drawing section? for what exactly are negative marks awarded?reply asap
2013:05:01 08:03:11
I dont think that there is negative marking for drawing paper......
2013:05:01 08:07:02
2013:05:02 08:33:51
i am expecting 200 marks in jee main b.arch....which college can i get?
anuja benjwal
2013:05:02 08:43:41
please anyone tell me would i get any good college as i am execting around 260 in paper 2 and 73% in boards!
please please please please tell me!!
or either mail
2013:05:06 08:02:00
i am getting 160 marks in jee mains paper 2...can i get nit...????
2013:05:07 04:19:17
yes @anuja i think ull get a good college :)
Ayantika Dey
2013:05:08 00:04:37
iam xpctng arund 230 in mains b.arch paper.wt colleges will i get wid dis score??
2013:05:08 04:51:47
sir I m expecting more than 160 marks in jee mains b.arch , wat rank I het for this marks
2013:05:10 11:15:01
2013:05:10 11:18:32
bhawna jha
2013:05:11 01:22:07
wen will d marks of mains paper 2 b announced????? im expecting 150 marks in jee paper 2 and 92% in boards pleez suggest me gud colleges...n also clgs which consider nata score
bhawna jha
2013:05:11 01:23:50
guys can u tell me clgs whose forms are released....n how is amity university??
meghana chowdary
2013:05:12 05:49:23
i got 200+ marks in b,arch aieee can u tell me in which range my rank will pl send to mail
2013:05:14 01:12:43
i am getting 292 mrks in jee main b arch 2013 and my board mark is 333/500 what are my chances of nit trichy for general category
an amika
2013:05:19 00:50:03
my nata score is 110 and iam expecting 88%in 12th cbse board exam and 210 in jee paper 2 exam 2013 so which college can i get ?and pls reply to my query
2013:05:28 08:03:55
i m gettin 165 marks in b.arch hee mains paper 2
did i get any nits or any good college like nirma or something
chitrali sahrawat
2013:05:28 10:53:44
i am expecting about 210/320 marks in jee-main & scored 72% in boards,can i get any good college or nits? am also expecting to score 50+ marks in drawing session.please help............
2013:05:31 05:27:41
hay...can anyone help me with the answer key of b.arch code m...m not getting it anywhere...plzzz plzzz..plzzz help me guys...
2013:05:31 06:53:21
2013:06:04 08:12:21
i m expecting 160 marks in jeemain paper 2 and got 85% in 12th.can i get any good college?plz reply
2013:06:05 12:50:21
2013:06:07 01:12:55
sir, completed my 12th standard with
80%.expecting more than 180 marks in aieee B.Arch exam.could you please suggest me best colleges.thank you!
2013:06:10 04:10:41
can any one tell me how to prepare for jeemain barch , i am in 12th right now ,shoudl join any coaching institute or i cn do it on my own???
2013:06:10 05:43:31
well,you just went to depends on can join any coching insti or do it on your are you in need to be good in maths....side by side you can practice aptitude
2013:06:13 00:43:38
hello sir, i am student of D.Arch. can i give the exam of jeemain? D.arch is a three year full time coure after 10th.
2013:06:15 04:49:55
sir I m expecting more than 180+ marks in jee mains b.arch , wat rank I het for this marks
Sapna kapoor
2013:06:15 07:28:36
hi, can anybody suggest a good Engineering college in Ghaziabad
Rama Sharma
2013:06:17 04:43:29
hey, I heard about IMS engineering college.Its a good college. link:
2013:06:17 09:18:14
Minimum Marks in B.arch PaperII for CCA , SPA bhopal ?
2013:06:20 05:35:27
sir....i have given jee main paper 2 it necessary to give NATA test to get admission in b.arch colleges
2013:06:28 04:43:26
jee main ranks are releasing on july 1
2013:07:01 01:05:22
@admin plz tell if i get spa delhi m expecting 240 marks n hving a sc category if not than suggest next option for which i can applu for
2013:07:02 09:16:26
Guys, plz can any one help me, I am from andhra pradesh, and scored 100 in nata and my state board marks are 89.2%, but i thought that there will be all india rank in nata, so i wrote nata in July 1st, now i came to know that there will be state wide nata ranks only and collages in karnataka and tamilnadu finished giving their ranks, and i attempted jee paper2 and expecting 200, plz give me detailed decription on both the exams. I WILL BE GREAT FUL FOR YOUR HELP PLZ HELP HELP HELP.... PLZ>.....
2013:07:02 14:09:48
sir meri 6048 rank hi kya mughe koi SPA YA NIT MIL SKTA H BATAYEGE PLZ
2013:07:03 00:07:03
please can you tell me what collage i can get bcoz i have 216/390 marks in b arch 2013
2013:07:03 23:43:31
sir i got 226 in jee mains paper 2.please let me know which best of college of architecher i can get.I am from schedule cast.
2013:07:06 10:46:58
i got 220 marks in barch 2013 and air 8350 . my state rank is 450 and category rank 392 i belong to general category and rajasthan state . please tell me which nits can i get? .can i get mnit jaipur ?. please answer my queries at
2013:07:10 14:36:10
I got 17122 AIR in Barch and my state rank is 357. which college u think I'll get
shubham sharma
2013:07:16 10:07:31
sir meri rank natinal lavel 9000 h.kya mujhe koi collage millrnga
2014:04:04 21:34:12
hii every one i have completed my intermidiate nd preparing for barc can any one of u plzzzzzz send me previous papers very urgent plzzzz mail to

2014:04:05 08:16:01
hi friends i just want to score good marks in b arch exam so please any one can give suggestions to write the exam well
2014:04:05 08:16:01
hi friends i just want to score good marks in b arch exam so please any one can give suggestions to write the exam well
muru ali
2014:04:05 12:51:57
Wat is cept
2014:04:23 15:35:25
scoring around 230-240 in jee main ppr 2 of 2014....which college can i get??
thnxx in advnce..
Pratiksha Jain
2014:04:29 23:47:38
For admission in Barch which exam is more imp. Nata or aieeebarch? Pls ans.
Meera Kumari
2014:05:05 08:40:01
I have got 102marks in NATA and 65% in +2 . Expecting 200-210in jeemainspaper2 for which colg m eligible for b.arch? ? Anybody guide me pls ^_^
2014:05:06 14:07:05
@kumari u will get good college
2014:07:12 11:29:31
in jee main my all india rank is 80775 nd state rank is 2504.I hv 2 questions: i eligible for architect?
2.will i gt any college during counsellng?
plz smone guide me..............!
2015:02:18 07:51:31
Actually I am interested in b.arch.But actually I don't that much guidance.can u please help me?
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